Frequently Asked Questions


Still have questions? Here are the most frequently asked questions about Patient Assistance NOW.

Q: How can Patient Assistance NOW help me?


Patient Assistance NOW is a website that helps patients like you find programs that may provide savings or resources, as well as access to their Novartis prescription medications. Just answer a few questions to find out what programs you may qualify for.

Q: How do I use Patient Assistance NOW website?


You can find help NOW in 3 easy steps using the Program Finder:

  1. Click a medication
  2. Answer a few questions about yourself
  3. Review and/or print the results and contact the provided program(s) or resource(s)
Q: How many different medications can I search for in the Patient Assistance NOW program?


There are more than 60 different medications currently available across many disease areas, such as cardiometabolic, immunology and dermatology, neuroscience, oncology, ophthalmology, and much more.

Q: Am I eligible for financial assistance if I have private insurance?


Novartis has services in place that can help guide you through the reimbursement process for certain Novartis oncology and pharma-specialty products. Most programs offer valuable patient support services, and some may even help if you cannot afford your out-of-pocket co-pay costs.

In addition, financial assistance may be available from independent charitable foundations for those qualified with certain diseases who are unable to afford their co-pay costs.

Patient Assistance NOW Brochure

Download and review the brochure below for more information on Patient Assistance NOW.

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